Rainbow Portraits are Back!

About a month back, I posted an exploratory post on  my local mama group’s Facebook page, wondering if anyone would be interested in ordering a rainbow portrait from me.  The response was amazing!  So many people contacted me, and many of them followed through and ordered one (or two or four!).

It feels great to get back into this art form.  I love every step of the process from making the ink washes to shading with ultra-fine pen strokes, to highlighting just a bit with white.

It’s a relief work in such a simple art form.  Drawing is easy to pick up and put down as I have time, as opposed to painting with oils which takes such a long time to set up and clean up.

Below are some recent examples of the portraits I’ve finished.  If you’d like one of your own favorite kid, you can easily order one in my Etsy shop: bodelia.etsy.com 

7.21 001small


alison small file


erika small finished

millie small





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  1. jimleich says:

    These are so great!

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