Rainbow Portraits are Back!

About a month back, I posted an exploratory post on  my local mama group’s Facebook page, wondering if anyone would be interested in ordering a rainbow portrait from me.  The response was amazing!  So many people contacted me, and many of them followed through and ordered one (or two or four!). It feels great to…

Walnut Tree Mural

I just finished this mural for some friends.  They wanted a walnut tree in their living room- it was important that it could be identified as black walnut.  I completed it over many weeks in 2 hour sessions once a week.  The mushrooms were added at the bottom by their request to match a painting…

Rainbow Commission II

Another recently completed rainbow portrait! At the beginning… Almost finished… And there she is! The face was hard to photograph- it looks a little different in person.  I tried a new type of paper with this one and I love how the paper fibers show up.

Rainbow Portrait Commission

The process is a lot of fun.  I get my paper and inks out, a jar of water, a straw, some salt and then I just play. The straw helps me direct the ink around the page by concentrating the air- making it steerable.  It’s a little dizzying. Then I use the references to draw…

42/52 A Portrait a Week

I apologize that the quality of these photos aren’t better.  It was a commissioned piece for my stepsister of my nephew, Jax.  I gave it to them at the family Thanksgiving.  She showed it to Jaxon who smiled and pointed at it making a happy noise.  She asked who it was and he said, “daddy”. …

26/52 A Portrait A Week

Another portrait for Ian Wilkinson’s San Luis Valley mural.     This is a portrait of Tom Tobin.  He was a tracker, adventurer, bounty hunter, and killer of Felipe Espinosa– America’s first serial killer (officially 32 murders have been attributed to him, but it’s suspected he and his brother may have killed up to 60)….

25/52 A Portrait a Week

The other week,  I helped Ian Wilkinson with two portraits for his awesome San Luis Valley mural. This portrait is of Epi Archuleyta, an artist from the area.  In the background is the unfinished painting of one of her pieces.

20/52 & 21/52 A Portrait A Week

I’ve been working on a commissioned mural.  It’s on poly-tab so I get to work on it at home and it will be permanently glued to a wall when it’s time to be installed.  Working on commissions is always interesting, challenging, and usually a practice in clear communication.  That’s not always my strong suit. The…

19/52 A Portrait a Week

I started this lady last fall as part of the Triangle Park Mural for Molly Must.  Just finished her hands today.  The grand opening is this Saturday- hope all you Ashevillians can come!

Paris of the South Part II

Our friends at Paris of the South Flea Market have set up a new space in Swannanoa right on 70.  They wanted to add their favorite banjo playing chicken to one of their buildings so we spent the first half of the day on Saturday painting.  It was a gorgeous day! Before! During! After! The…