Maureen Forman: Drawing More Closely To A Sense of Herself

I was so delighted to hear a radio interview with my old friend, Maureen Forman, that she recently shared online.   We met 13 years ago in Cortona, Italy, where we were roommates and friends in a study abroad program.

Take a listen to the whole interview.  It’s pretty short but inspiring as it covers part of her journey back to art, as well as the necessity of it in the lives of artists and how it colors our whole experience of life.

Listen or read here:

My favorite part of the interview:

” I think that there’s a reward to practicing any kind of art form. I also take ballet. And I find that when I’m not dancing I move differently during the day. When I am dancing, I reach for the coffee cup with a little bit of a lunge. And the same is true for drawing and painting. When you’re painting a lot you see colors that you hadn’t seen before. When you’re drawing a lot you see tones and values in the world that other people are walking right by. It’s just a little gift to you for practicing this art form.”

Artwork by Maureen Forman:

maureen f 2




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