Rainbow Portraits are Back!

About a month back, I posted an exploratory post on  my local mama group’s Facebook page, wondering if anyone would be interested in ordering a rainbow portrait from me.  The response was amazing!  So many people contacted me, and many of them followed through and ordered one (or two or four!). It feels great to…

Maureen Forman: Drawing More Closely To A Sense of Herself

I was so delighted to hear a radio interview with my old friend, Maureen Forman, that she recently shared online.   We met 13 years ago in Cortona, Italy, where we were roommates and friends in a study abroad program. Take a listen to the whole interview.  It’s pretty short but inspiring as it covers part of…

Day 2

My friend came over for craft night and she let me draw her portrait while we watched my favorite show, The Dead Files.

Shovels & Rope

Really looking forward to hearing/seeing these guys sing in real life tonight! Ballpoint pen drawing with ink wash.

Sketchbook Play

A very small sketchbook at that.  This is a quick sketch/painting I did in preparation for some of the paintings in my Flower Essence Portrait series I am working on.

A Rainbow Re-do

A month ago, I posted one of my rainbow commission portraits here.  The mother eventually contacted me, hesitantly, to let me know she wasn’t 100% happy with it.  The only thing to do, really, was to make a new one.  Because what’s the point of even doing portraits if they aren’t loved by the people…

Rainbow Commission II

Another recently completed rainbow portrait! At the beginning… Almost finished… And there she is! The face was hard to photograph- it looks a little different in person.  I tried a new type of paper with this one and I love how the paper fibers show up.

Rainbow Portrait Commission

The process is a lot of fun.  I get my paper and inks out, a jar of water, a straw, some salt and then I just play. The straw helps me direct the ink around the page by concentrating the air- making it steerable.  It’s a little dizzying. Then I use the references to draw…