I love working with people to create a truly unique and special painting that captures an important moment or place in your life.  Scroll down to see some examples of pricing and to contact me!

You will need to send me a quality reference photo to work from.  It should be a good resolution so I can clearly see the details, should have good lighting, and should be a good representation of the person, animal, or place you want depicted.

We will agree on the price and the details of the work before I begin.

I require half of the fee up front to begin painting paid via Venmo or Paypal.

Paintings generally take 3 months from start to ship.

Shipping is an additional fee.

I will send a quality photo of the painting before I ship.  You have the opportunity to request one small change at this time, if needed.  When the painting is finished, the balance of the fee is due.

Remember that paintings are different than photos- that’s what makes them so special!  I take great care to create an accurate likeness but need you to also be open to the way painting naturally transforms an image.

Sample pricing (subject to change based on complexity of the image, other sizes may be available)

6″ square: $145

8″ square: $195

9 x 12″: $380

11 x 14″: $460

12 x 12″: $440

16 x 20″: $675

18 x 24″: $700

Rainbow Portraits

Rainbow portraits are pen and pencil drawings on top of rainbow watercolor washes. Each rainbow portrait is around 8 1/2 by 11″ and start at $190 for a single subject. Each additional subject is $75. Because of the size, I don’t recommend more than 2 figures. As always, a great quality reference image really helps to make a great portrait!