Upcoming Group Show at the Taylor Gallery

I’m so happy to share that I will be part of a group show at the Taylor Gallery for the month of September.

The Taylor Gallery is a relatively new gallery and event space.  Each month they feature a new group of local Asheville Artists.  I’m thrilled to be among their artists for September.  I’ll share more info on the opening and closing receptions soon!

Since becoming a mother, I’ve really struggled to find the time and energetic space to paint.  My days are filled to the brim and I find myself with little left after my daughter is in bed.  Eventually, even within all that busyness, I was able to figure out how to carve out some time for myself (with lots of help from Dada) and I’m really proud of the work I’ve been doing in that time.

My birds have become a refuge of sorts.  Their small size and minimal risk (small investment of materials and no one is depending on the outcome as is the case with a commission) has allowed me to get back into the practice of oil painting in a relaxing and peaceful way.  I’m continuing to explore approaches and evolve my style.  Some of them I’m more proud of and some of them I really struggled through.

Below are a few that I’m turning over to the gallery to sift through and hang as they see fit.

If you’re in the Asheville area, I hope you will go see them in person!





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