A Rainbow Re-do

A month ago, I posted one of my rainbow commission portraits here.  The mother eventually contacted me, hesitantly, to let me know she wasn’t 100% happy with it.  The only thing to do, really, was to make a new one.  Because what’s the point of even doing portraits if they aren’t loved by the people…

Rainbow Commission II

Another recently completed rainbow portrait! At the beginning… Almost finished… And there she is! The face was hard to photograph- it looks a little different in person.  I tried a new type of paper with this one and I love how the paper fibers show up.

Rainbow Portrait Commission

The process is a lot of fun.  I get my paper and inks out, a jar of water, a straw, some salt and then I just play. The straw helps me direct the ink around the page by concentrating the air- making it steerable.  It’s a little dizzying. Then I use the references to draw…

42/52 A Portrait a Week

I apologize that the quality of these photos aren’t better.  It was a commissioned piece for my stepsister of my nephew, Jax.  I gave it to them at the family Thanksgiving.  She showed it to Jaxon who smiled and pointed at it making a happy noise.  She asked who it was and he said, “daddy”. …

24/52 A Portrait A Week

Happy Birthday, Dad!  I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful birthday!    

23/52 A Portrait A Week

Still behind on these! This is my friend, Natalie.  We’ve been friends since sometime around freshman year of high school.  Last year, she left our hometown of Indianapolis for Brooklyn and adventures of all kinds.  Just the other week she hiked up Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group of rad folks with Project Elevation. You know,…

22/52 A Portrait A Week

Trying to catch up with these!  I actually did this one a while ago and forgot to ever post it.  I think it’s because it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. This is my friend, Stacey.  We’ve been friends since junior year chemistry class in high school.  A few weeks ago, we…

18/52 A Portrait a Week

Beatrice This is based on a photo from last summer.  She was 3 years old and showing me some tomato plants she said she planted.  I wasn’t finished with the drawing but I dropped the photo down into our weird old recliner couch and couldn’t find it again.  

16/52 A Portrait A Week

This week’s drawing is of my mother, based on a photograph from when she was 29 and pregnant with me (I think).


While it’s been several weeks since I’ve posted, I’ve still been making all kinds of things in the studio.  Lately, it was piles of Christmas gifts- lots of sewing happening. With the calmness of January, I have finally started my new painting project.  “The Muse” has asked that I not reveal too much of it…