Northern Flicker

A wintery little painting of a northern flicker woodpecker. I tried to be more painterly in the background and the bird itself and feel pretty happy with the results. It’s 5″ x 7″ and is available in my Etsy Shop for $58 with free shipping within the US! Photos after the jump…..

The Daily Artwork Continues

Are you following along?  You can see the nearly (kinda, hopefully) daily posts here.  You’ll have to subscribe separately there if you’re interested in keeping up. I’m happy to say I finally got around to getting out my oil paints today.  That was really pretty much the goal- to paint often and become a better…

Day 2

My friend came over for craft night and she let me draw her portrait while we watched my favorite show, The Dead Files.

A Lofty Goal

It’s easy for me to let months slip by without making art.  Day jobs, chores, moving, gardening, on and on. Suddenly it’s been too close to a year since I have made a painting.  A commission languishes on my easel.  It happens. I feel rusty, I feel stuck.  While other things are moving forward in…