Day 1 of 100 days

Feelin’ real rusty. Tried to do a quick acrylic sketch of my best bud looking over her shoulder at Max Patch. I have my work cut out for me but I’m glad to have begun.

35 & 36/52 A Portrait a Week

This one is overdue.  My best bud of 8 1/2 years, Amelia the dog.  You can call her Meems. Small drawing with bic pen and chartpak markers.  With bleed-through on both pages from other drawings. And one more. Amelia remains unimpressed.

29/52 A Portrait A Week

Amelia, the person! I’ve been using facebook to find photos of the friends I have been doing these marker portraits of.  Since Amelia’s not a narcissist like the rest of us, she’s not on facebook and her instagram included almost no pictures of herself.  Except for this one- she’s wearing a hat she had just…