A Little Bit of Beauty Goes a Long Way

And in the case of Max Patch in Western North Carolina, an intense amount of beauty can completely refresh your soul. Featuring myself, my good friend, and my best furry friend, Amelia-the-dog.      

Walnut Tree Mural

I just finished this mural for some friends.  They wanted a walnut tree in their living room- it was important that it could be identified as black walnut.  I completed it over many weeks in 2 hour sessions once a week.  The mushrooms were added at the bottom by their request to match a painting…

26/52 A Portrait A Week

Another portrait for Ian Wilkinson’s San Luis Valley mural.     This is a portrait of Tom Tobin.  He was a tracker, adventurer, bounty hunter, and killer of Felipe Espinosa– America’s first serial killer (officially 32 murders have been attributed to him, but it’s suspected he and his brother may have killed up to 60)….

25/52 A Portrait a Week

The other week,  I helped Ian Wilkinson with two portraits for his awesome San Luis Valley mural. This portrait is of Epi Archuleyta, an artist from the area.  In the background is the unfinished painting of one of her pieces.

Kurt’s Produce Mural

Kurt busted out these two awesome windows last Saturday for King’s Produce out in Swannanoa. Lovely!

Chakra Murals

A good friend of mine here in Asheville recently bought her first house.  We met in a meditation class in 2006 (I think) and have taken so many meditation, herbalism, flower essence, essential oil, and energy healing classes together that I couldn’t count them all if I tried. She wanted me to paint an emerald…

20/52 & 21/52 A Portrait A Week

I’ve been working on a commissioned mural.  It’s on poly-tab so I get to work on it at home and it will be permanently glued to a wall when it’s time to be installed.  Working on commissions is always interesting, challenging, and usually a practice in clear communication.  That’s not always my strong suit. The…

Triangle Park Celebration

Last Saturday, we went to the grand opening celebration of the Triangle Park Mural headed up and mainly painted by Molly Must with the help of members of the community and local muralists.   There was a dance performance, live music, speeches, and poetry readings.  But mostly it was about community, art, celebration, and history.

19/52 A Portrait a Week

I started this lady last fall as part of the Triangle Park Mural for Molly Must.  Just finished her hands today.  The grand opening is this Saturday- hope all you Ashevillians can come!

14/52 A Portrait a Week plus Atlanta’s High Museum

First off: A quick sketch of dear Frida as my portrait this week.  The weekend before last, Kurt and I headed to Atlanta to see the wonderful exhibit the High Museum has of 120 paintings and drawings by Frida and Diego.  It was wonderful!  I highly recommend it- even if you’re not sure you are…