The Daily Artwork Continues

Are you following along?  You can see the nearly (kinda, hopefully) daily posts here.  You’ll have to subscribe separately there if you’re interested in keeping up.

I’m happy to say I finally got around to getting out my oil paints today.  That was really pretty much the goal- to paint often and become a better painter.  Make smaller, looser, faster works that are more sell-able due to their small size and lower price.   I’m not there yet, but at least I have begun.

It felt so good to paint (why was I SO resistant?) that I continued on to two more and started a fourth before my eyes got foggy and my attention waned.

The whole thing has been such a learning experience already, although I’m only 8 posts in.  I am being patient with myself, and remembering that while daily art making is a wonderful goal, sometimes life won’t comfortably allow for it.

Having them posted on a blog format was a way to hold myself accountable.  I thought if I didn’t make the promise to post them and announce to the world my intentions, I would never get around to it.  That’s probably pretty true.  But what I didn’t realize beforehand is that knowing that I have to share every work would mean that there was the inherent pressure of a finished product before I even raised pen to paper, or brush to board, or whatever I felt up to that day.   That can really take the fun out of it, stiffening up even the most relaxed exercise.

So, it’s a process.  And at least I’m making art!

Cheesy selfie as proof:



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  1. jimleich says:

    Great progress. It is good to see you get your oils out again!

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