A Lofty Goal

It’s easy for me to let months slip by without making art.  Day jobs, chores, moving, gardening, on and on.

Suddenly it’s been too close to a year since I have made a painting.  A commission languishes on my easel.  It happens.

I feel rusty, I feel stuck.  While other things are moving forward in my life, the art stopped cold.

That’s not how I would like things to be.

So I am making a big huge goal for myself: an artwork a day for 100 days.  A friend of mine will be doing the same.

Small paintings, quick studies, drawings, whatever creative outlet I want to focus on and complete that day.

The point is to get better at painting, get better at being disciplined with myself, get better at following through on my goals.

I’m sharing them to hold myself accountable and to have a visual journal of how I have progressed, failures and all.

Wish me luck!  Art is love!

Follow the challenge here:  https://harperdailyart.wordpress.com/


(I realized I never shared this chalk mural that Kurt and I were asked to do for Day of the Dead 2014 in downtown Asheville.  It was so fun!)


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