Margaret Mary is the subject and interpreter of Mugwort.  This is a small painting I did based on photographs her friend took of her posed as the essence of Mugwort.  Please read her statement following the image.

mugwort medium(c)

“For me, mugwort has been a source of vision, wisdom and guidance. Connecting me more deeply with my own nature, she embodies all things feminine and protects all that is dark and mysterious. Mugwort has been a powerful ally in ritual, grounding me in the fertile darkness of the earth as my consciousness expands. She has helped me to embrace myself as a woman, encouraging me to cultivate sacred moon time rituals. She beckons me to listen to the subtle rhythms occurring within and around me. Artemeia often reveals her secrets as abstract images, symbols, sounds, sensations and visions that appear in dreams both waking and asleep. She is the crone, the witch at the edge of the woods, the wise woman who has navigated the dark forest of self and returned with healing balms for the sick and suffering. Often misunderstood and powerful beyond measure, she is a doorway to a deeper way of knowing.”

For more information on my project, please read my explanation HERE.


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