The Asheville Airport Art Show Comes Down


I know, I should have made this post when the show went UP so all you fine folks would be sure to spread the word to any travelers that they should swing by the gallery on their way through the airport.

Well, better late than never, right?

My good friend and muse, Jessica (my friends are so wonderfully generous of their likenesses), was very excited to accompany me to see the show on New Year’s Eve.  There wasn’t an official opening, and I hadn’t seen the show installed.  It was a group show featuring maybe 4 local artists, including a new friend of mine, Dawn Behling.  Most of my paintings in the show had been up at the Devotion Organic art show this past spring.

I was pretty surprised when Jessica said she hadn’t seen a lot of my paintings and wanted to take me to see them.  Since she’s in so many of them, I kind of assumed she knew them all well!  I picked her up and we headed out to the show.  We had a blast.  We got kind of silly.


IMG_9296 IMG_9295 IMG_9259

IMG_9318Thanks to everyone who did stop by, and a special thanks to those folks who sent me a note or a text telling me they had been to see it.

Any ideas of where these paintings should go next?



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