34/52 A Portrait a Week

Catching up on those weekly portraits!

self 2I had a lot of plans for myself yesterday.  As a mild headache rolled in around lunch time, I continued with my to-do list, not looking that headache directly in the eye.  If it can’t see me, it can’t get me, right?

Avoidance doesn’t work with headaches.

By the evening it was a blinding, nauseating monster.  The only thing that gives me real relief with these headaches is Excedrin.  But they’re so loaded with caffeine, I can’t take them later than early afternoon if I want to sleep at all.  So I retreated to my room for a nap. That didn’t help.  Kurt took over all the cooking we were trying to get done for the upcoming work week, and also ran out to get me some kind of painkiller that didn’t have caffeine.  And an ice cream sandwich because he’s nice like that (although I couldn’t eat it- if I can’t eat an ice cream sandwich, something is seriously wrong!).   As I lay in bed trying to sleep and not wanting to read or watch a movie, I thought I might be able to draw and journal in my sketch book a little.  I made this drawing of me with a headache.

self 1

It’s just a quick sketch.  Nothing fancy or particularly great.  But by the time I was finished drawing it, my head felt much better and I was able to finally fall asleep.

When I was cleaning out my studio to get ready for the yard sale we had this weekend, I took the time to read/leaf through all my old sketchbooks.  It was strange and wonderful to look back on my thoughts, joys, and fears, especially from the year I graduated college and moved to Philadelphia and then to Asheville.  I felt really grateful that I had taken the time to draw and write about it.  It left me inspired to pick that up more regularly instead of spurts every few years.

self 3I need to make some kind of headache herbal tea blend so when one hits, it’s ready to drink.  I was thinking skullcap, linden flower, catnip, and maybe a little feverfew.  Do any of you have suggestions?


6 Comments Add yours

      1. you’re welcome! great concept, great picture.

        i did something similar, in photographic form – Polaroids to be specific…

  1. harperleich says:

    Wow! Beautiful! and very ambitious! Thanks for sharing

  2. kurt says:

    Way to draw right thru that headache!

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