32/52 A Portrait a Week

Neko Case.  She’s been a steady favorite of mine since my dad bought me Blacklisted the year it came out.  Her songs are beautiful, smart, complex, and a little dark which is exactly what I love.  Her voice is rich velvet, strong, and haunting.  Plus she’s right in my singing range so you can bet if I’m driving around listening to her, I am also singing along at full volume feeling awesome.  I would definitely do karaoke if I could sing one of her songs.

neko 2

I was having a really hard time drawing her portrait.  I did a different one first, but her face turned out terribly.  This one is better but I feel like I took the beauty out of her and made her look haggard.  I tried drawing on the back side of the paper so it would bleed through as colored highlights and shading on her face.  This is what the back of that one looks like:

neko 3

And here is the first one, although I almost hate to post it because I butchered her face.  Ugh, her face: I really f’ed up the mouth especially.  But I thought the background is kind of cool/weird.

neko one


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim says:

    I actually like the one you call haggard. I especially like the one at the top left although you have her playing guitar left handed. I agree with you comment about the background in the bottom one and your comment about her mouth;)

    1. harperleich says:

      the top left, I think you’re talking about, is a bleed-through from the crazy-mouth drawing on the previous page, so that’s why it looks like she’s playing left handed. They don’t always come out the way i hoped they would… that’s for sure!

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