31/52 A Portrait a Week

I’m finally caught up!  31 portraits down and I’m back on schedule.

I listen to a lot of Andrew Bird.  I never tire of his albums and his music is the kind that I could ‘live in’.   So I drew his portrait in those smelly Prismacolor/Chartpak markers and a fine tip Staedtler pen. There is bleed-through on his face from the drawing on the previous page.

andrew bird 1

andrew bird 2

andrew bird 3

As I do these quick sketches, I am noticing that my natural tendency to enlarge the eyes when I draw is coming back.  I tried to correct it in my drawings by being more accurate in proportions, but who cares really?  It’s all about the eyes in portraiture for me anyway.  It’s what I draw first when I start a portrait and it’s what connects me to the subject most strongly.

andrew bird scan


6 Comments Add yours

  1. heidi says:


  2. Jim Leich says:

    Maybe your best marker portrait!

  3. kurt says:

    yeah, who cares if the eyes area lil big- very expressive, looks great! I also really like the bleed-through colors in his face, makes it more mysterious and “fine-arty”

  4. I love the whimsical beauty in this piece – and you’re absolutely right about the eyes

  5. harperleich says:

    Thanks, everyone! Maybe it’s time to break out those stinky old markers again. 🙂

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