20/52 & 21/52 A Portrait A Week

I’ve been working on a commissioned mural.  It’s on poly-tab so I get to work on it at home and it will be permanently glued to a wall when it’s time to be installed.  Working on commissions is always interesting, challenging, and usually a practice in clear communication.  That’s not always my strong suit.

mod girl sketchThe designer of the mural had created a line drawing of a figure and asked me to add color and design the accent murals that will go with the figure on different walls.  Above is the final approved design for the figure piece.

She encouraged me to add my own style and so I changed the face up quite a bit.  The following is a photo of it in progress- I hadn’t yet finished the mouth, finished shading or added eyebrows.  (20/52)

mod girl 1I didn’t realize that I hadn’t really understood what she meant by adding my own style to the sketch.  Through a number of email exchanges, we cleared up that what she meant was that she wanted me to stick to the exact lines of the sketch and add my own style in the shading, light, and paint application.

So I reworked her face, keeping her pretty true to the original sketch.

mod girl 2

I wish the photographs better represented the true colors in the mural- as  most paintings, it looks better in person (21/52)

I think it’s a good compromise and I’m glad we were able to work through my misunderstanding of how much of my own style was needed.  I’ve been working steadily on the accent murals and still have quite a bit to go…


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  1. Jim says:

    Very Yellow Submarine’ish and psychedelic. I love the colors. I think it would be hard to try to work from someone else’s ideas since most people aren’t very good at getting these out of their own internal visions to what you are supposed to do. This is great. where will it be located? Will it be up when we come through on the way to Hilton Head?

    1. harperleich says:

      It’ll be someplace in Georgia. I imagine they’ll take lots photos of it once it’s installed and I’ll share it here!

    2. harperleich says:

      And I certainly watched that movie enough times for it to be a part of my psychedelic psyche

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