Antique Photograph Painting- Queen Bee

queen bee 1

I love old photographs from the late 1800s (correct me if I’m wrong on the time period!).  I always seek them out on my antique mall and flea market hunts.  I’ve collected quite a few at this point and for about 2 years I have wanted to add color paints to them and embellish them in in some way.  I finally got around to making my first one.

queen bee detailThat dress is so beautiful!  And looks quite uncomfortable!

queen bee set twoEach photograph is so different, I just sit staring at each one and ask them what they’d like painted on them.  This one wanted to be a queen bee.  I made it when my favorite young artist came over for an art date so she could make a mother’s day present for her mother.  You can see in the photograph that I did a practice run on a photocopy before I painted on the real photo.

anna paintShe wanted to give the photocopy practice to her younger sister.  She explained to her dad what I was doing: “A lot of people don’t want these old photographs anymore but Harper is going to paint them and make everyone want them again”.  She politely requested one of a woman with a big rainbow behind her and lots of colors.

You can find this one  in my Etsy Shop.  I can’t wait to do more!

queen bee set


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  1. Jim Leich says:

    That is very cool. Anna’s comment was wonderful!

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