17/52 – A Portrait a Week

My paternal grandmother, Janet, known to me as Granny.

granny close up

This is based on my favorite photo of her.  She looks so happy and elegant!  It makes me think of all the tea parties we had together around her little living room table, and the messes she would let me make in her kitchen while I made up recipes.  Of course, no tea party with her would be complete without her trademark cookies- crisp sugary buttery cookies she always had on hand that were perfect to dunk in tea or milk.  She could make them blindfolded, she made so many in her lifetime.

granny with photo

Anyone know how old she was in this photo?  Where it was taken?


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  1. bgalleryart says:

    Reblogged this on bgalleryart and commented:
    #www.bgallery.co.uk – stunning artwork ….

  2. Jim says:

    Wonderful! It did make me tear up quite a bit. I think it is from their wedding in 1946. This really made my day. Thanks.

    1. harperleich says:

      I was thinking it might be from their wedding. How old was she when they married? I’ve really been enjoying drawing my grandmothers when they were my age or younger. Could you look through your photos and see if there is a dapper one of Popup I could draw?

  3. Jim says:

    She was 27 when she was married. I will look for a good popup on for you and scan it.

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