11/52 A Portrait A Week

I’m a little late this week.  Over here in Western North Carolina, the weekend was beautiful.  Seventy degrees Saturday and Sunday meant lots of time in the sunshine, walking around the neighborhood with the pup, a picnic at the Botanical Gardens, plein-air water color painting, planting my early spring  garden crop, weeding my herb garden, and a corn hole showdown with friends at the Wedge.  Unfortunately it also meant coming down (finally- after a week of feeling a bit off) with a cold.  So while I am home sick today, indulging in a new quilting project and watching way too many episodes of Murder, She Wrote, I share another portrait from my weekly promise of a portrait a week.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the finished product hanging in the show, but here are some pictures of it  as a finished drawing without metal leaf and some ‘action’ shots of applying the metal leaf.

drawing gold iiiHere is the drawing before the metal leaf is applied.

drawing gold iiI applied gold eye shadow the drawing around the eye and started adding metal leaf to the edge of the drawing.

drawing gold i

Yes, I really used tweezers to apply it.


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