10/52 A Portrait a Week and the Art Show!

gold diggers oneThis portrait started out as a simple oil paint sketch as a guide for more painting later.  It sat like this for a few weeks.  While I had originally intended to paint it as I normally paint all my paintings, I got a little attached to the sketch.  I had started playing around with metallic leaf on a drawing and thought I’d add it in as an element here.  I called it “Gold Diggers”.

gold diggers twoThe show opening at Devotion Organics was Friday night.  While I was feeling pretty frazzled the week leading up to the show, by the time 6 rolled around Friday night, everything was in perfect order and I felt completely ready.  In my opinion, the show was a complete success.  The music was wonderful, so many friends and friendly faces stopped by to say hello and stay a while, and everyone had a good time.  I don’t have many pictures because once the place started filling up, I had not a moment to take any pictures.

show five

You can see the gold digger sketch above the table.   Center stage is Kurt, most supportive boyfriend in all the land.  He donated his time to help me find frames, fix frames, brainstorm, cooked pretty much every meal we ate for two or more weeks, didn’t complain when I spent all my free time in the studio, and did every single thing he could to be helpful.  And he did it all with a smile and kind words of encouragement.

show four

You can see the Goodness Graceful playing by the window.  Their music was such a wonderful part of the night.  So good, in fact, that these two awesome kids couldn’t help but cut a rug.

show three

And this is the last picture I took.  It just got busier and more wonderful from then on.  It was so heart warming to see so many friends, although I hardly got more than a few minutes (or less) with each.

show two

And here, Josh, the owner of Devotion Organics, flanked by myself and the Goodness Graceful, explains his product line and his vision for the company.

It was fun and wonderful and exhausting and I’m glad it’s over!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim says:

    Love the photos of your opening! It looks like everyone was having a wonderful time and enjoying your work. I also really like the Gold Diggers and would love to see it because I bet the photo doesn’t do justice to the metal foil.

    1. harperleich says:

      Thanks! It really was a great time. The metal foil is very hard to photograph!

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