5/52- A Portrait a Week

emily sketch photo 2

emily scan

This is a pencil drawing of a friend of mine.  I saw the photo on facebook and asked her if she wouldn’t mind too much if I turned it into a painting.  She graciously gave me permission and I have started the under-painting for it already.

I also did this sketch to help study the face and practice a little.   The first image is a photo I took of the sketch and the second is a high res scan.  Neither of them look exactly right but if you kind of put the two of them together, you’d see what it actually looks like.

I had a wonderful weekend.  Among other things, I dressed up in weird outfits to take some new reference pictures and started the under-paintings of those.

Here’s a peek at the costume, but the reference photos are pretty different

harper cyborg

And here is the start of an under-painting from the shoot.

harper underpainting cyborg 1

I rounded the weekend out with a last-minute trip with a friend to Knoxville to see Grass Widow play.  I hadn’t seen them before or ever really listened to their music, but they put on a great show and we showed those still and serious Knoxvillians how we cut a rug in Asheville.


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  1. Lovely! This is an awesome project, can’t wait to see more!

    1. harperleich says:

      Thanks, Casey! It has certainly kept me busy and in the studio!

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