New Painting Started, Cyber Shepherd’s Companion

I’ve been meaning to paint this for a while.  It’s a companion painting to “Cyber Shepherd”.  The reference was taken while we were getting her in costume for the Photographers and Mystics shoot which you can read about here if you like.

I’m not sure why I decided to paint this under painting in this way.  I think I just felt like doing something differently.  Lately, I have been taking my friend’s advice and putting down blocks of color similar to what will actually go into the painting- which has worked out wonderfully.  I think what I’m doing her is kind of a mix of what I learned in the painting course I took last year and the way I used to paint back in the day.

So here is the rough under painting.

It’s a quick sketch I made in an hour or so but it’s a place to start.  Sometimes I just have to get in there with a paintbrush and I need to warm up a little.  I think this was a good way to do that.

It’s not related to my  new project which I am also currently working on.

android one

android two

And this is what the reference photo looks like

android reference


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim Leich says:

    I am very interested in your process because I really have no idea how you painters do what you do. I love this under painting.

  2. harperleich says:

    I love seeing how artists do their thing, everyone’s process is so different!

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