3/52, Portrait in Athens

This past weekend, Kurt and I went to Athens, GA for a night.  It’s only about a 3 hour drive from here and the forecast said it would be 10 degrees warmer.  It was a last minute decision, and a good one at that.  We stayed in a house we found at airbnb.com– have you tried it yet?  We’ve only used it twice but it’s been a great experience both times.  It makes travel a lot cheaper and friendlier.

We were staying right near downtown and spent the weekend riding bikes, wandering through an outdoor flea market, an incredible record store (Wuxley), a great comic book store (Bizarro Wuxley), used bookstore (Books on Jackson), clothing stores, and ate way too much food.  It was so refreshing to be in a different town (one I haven’t been to in many years) on a sunny weekend with nothing to do but wander, ride bikes, and eat.

I drew this portrait of Kurt as we sat on the UGA quad in the afternoon sun.  He’s at his happiest here- reading one of his new comics after an exhilarating bike ride through the town and a beautiful cemetery (which I missed while I was sitting on the grass, happily drawing and watching some guy trying to teach his girlfriend how to throw and catch a frisbee- how collegiate!).

athens 1

athens 2

athens 3

Just a fun little contour line drawing.  Drawing from life is always tricky for me- the subject just can’t hold still enough!


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