A Little Inspiration from Charles Courtney Curran

While browsing through Facebook, I stumbled upon something startlingly beautiful.  I love when this happens- suddenly I am enthralled with an artist I haven’t heard of or seen before and I do my best to dive into their work from my desk chair.  Mad googling ensues.

Here’s what I found today:

edge of the woods

I feel like I’ve been in that Rhododendron glen.  It reminds me a lot of what I really strive do in my paintings: beautiful light, vivid colors, plants and people, and a distinct mood sprinkled with magic.  He’s mastered it.

Then I found all these:

three women

Charles Courtney Curran







blueberries and ferns

Betty Newell

cliffs, crags, moor


best flower

I love the light reflected off the flowers hitting her chin.

This one gives me the chills:


I swear these take place at Max Patch, NC- my favorite place:

faraway thoughts

yarrow and bee balm




And the colors in this one….

sunshine and haze

This afternoon I have my time to myself – and I’ll be in the studio.  I finally broke out the oil paints Monday and applied a hesitant blue to the background of a painting.  It’s a first step.  I’m always so nervous to start oils again after a long break.








One Comment Add yours

  1. Jim Leich says:

    Wow, these are simply gorgeous! I also love the light. Good luck today.

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