While it’s been several weeks since I’ve posted, I’ve still been making all kinds of things in the studio.  Lately, it was piles of Christmas gifts- lots of sewing happening.

With the calmness of January, I have finally started my new painting project.  “The Muse” has asked that I not reveal too much of it online- it’s meant to be seen all together at once and in person.  All I really want to say about it is that it is about plant spirit medicine- the power of flower essences (see this post to read my story of love for foam flower to give you an idea).  I have already photographed many subjects and have started sketching them out on panels. I won’t be showing whole shots of entire paintings but I have decided to share some of the sketches and prep work for it, and maybe a few cropped close ups.

The paintings will be in oil.  Since it’s been a while since I have worked in oil (the summer sometime), I did some drawing and did quick sketches in acrylic based on the reference photos.  The paintings will end up looking very different.

ff sketch

gr paint sketchff paint iWhat else I’ve been up to:

ornamentsMaking ornaments with two of my favorite little girls

truckWe finally finished that truck sometime in November.

snow porchHad a wonderful Christmas trip to see family and friends.  We got snowed in for an extra day at my family’s in Indianapolis over Christmas.  We were forced to stay inside by the fire and read all our new books we got for Christmas while sipping hot chocolate.  It was rough.

patron saint of gardeing

Even the patron saint of gardening was snowed in.

dad and maizyEventually we shoveled out and went for a walk.   The next day we made it safely back to Asheville, despite the temptation to stay snowed in a little longer.

And I am very close to finishing my first hand knit sweater.  Wish me luck!


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