More on the Triangle Park Mural

While I haven’t posted in a long while, I have been busy painting.  Molly Must gave me another figure to paint at home.  A wicked cold kept me from making quick progress on it, but here she got done eventually.  She is a singer who was in a band here in Asheville in the 1970s.  She still lives in town… I hope she likes my portrait of her!

big 1photo (12)

big 2 photo (13)

I brought her over to Ian’s studio where he created the rest of the scene she’ll be connected to.  He did all of that in the time it took me to paint one lady!!

big 3 photo (14)

The next day we headed out to Triangle park to start gluing the Poly Tab painting to the wall.  Here Ian starts putting the gel medium on the wall:

big 4 photo (17)

And glues on his masterpiece:

big 5 photo (18)

The shape of my lady is the cutout on the left.  I didn’t take a picture of her glued on, unfortunately.

Here Molly glues on a beautiful screen print she did in her studio:

big 6 photo (19)

I worked on the two faces of the figures in the back of this shot- their clothes are still not finished.

big 8 photo (21)

Here Molly and Twila hold up a poly tab piece that will cover up the little boy in the back, momentarily making a three headed monster.

big 7 photo (20)

I still am working in my studio.  Molly decided that the two black and white ladies I painted a while ago would look better in color.  So I brought them back home and am re-painting them in color.  I had a little artist’s block for several days but I think I’m over the worst of it now and they’re starting to look pretty good.


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  1. Jim says:

    This is really interesting about how the mural is coming together. I really like you painting of Molly but wish I could see the photos larger.

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