Triangle Park Mural!

Since my last post, Molly Must has asked me to help her with some of the work on the Triangle Park Mural in downtown Asheville.  I am thrilled to be helping!  She set me up with some work to do at home on a material called Poly-Tab.  It’s a common practice for muralists these days.  We can work on the paintings in the comfort of our home/studio and then adhere it to the wall when we’re finished.  While I really look back fondly on my time under the bridge of 240 painting the Lexington Gateway Mural up on the high scaffolding, it really is much easier to paint at home.  The water source is nearby, the temperature is regulated, no one is watching, and it’s just much more comfortable.

The two figures I painted had been business owners in the neighborhood.  One owned a restaurant and one owned a clothing store/boutique.  I painted them in black and white and we will tint them with a little color once they are on the wall.

Here are some pictures of the process.



ImageI painted them in our basement which is Kurt’s studio.  In this picture you can see them peeking around into his work space with a few of his paintings to the left.  I eventually gave up on the plaid dress (the reference photo was blurry and I was wasting too much time on it) and called it ‘done’ for now.   Sometimes you just have to walk away.


ImageAbove is the section I started work on on-site.  The painter on the left is Ernie and Molly is on the right.  I was working on the figure in the hat and overalls.  I tried to do the black and white painting, then tinting, like molly had been doing and it just didn’t work for me.  So I ended up just painting it in black and white, trying to tint and failing, then painting it in color.  Image

It’s almost finished in this photo.  It is very difficult to do a color painting from a black and white photo, and it just takes me a lot longer when I’m working on the wall instead of the studio.  I’d like to make his hat much darker and his clothes haven’t been worked on yet.

Unfortunately, this past week I got a terrible cold so I wasn’t able to work on the mural as much as I would have liked.  I have more to work on at home and more on the wall to do.  Feeling very behind already.

Our box truck mural is supposed to be prepped so we can try to finish that this weekend.




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  1. Jim Leich says:

    Wonderful! Those are really great!

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