One side down…

We finished one side of the box truck mural.  Since we work during the day and it’s in use on the weekends, we were only able to paint in the evenings.  One night we painted past sunset and into the twilight and found that this had happened from the heavy dew:

Now, when you budget a low price to be able to get the job (to fit the client’s budget), there is no time for “do-overs”.  The longer this mural takes, the less money we make.  Since we have such small windows of time for each painting session, we end up spending more time overall- there is set up and clean up each time.

We finally convinced them to drive the truck back to their house once they  had set up at the flea market so we could paint in the daytime, allowing plenty of time to dry before the dew fell.  We finished one side!

The owner was going to prep the entire truck herself so we didn’t have to do that but hasn’t finished the prepping so we’re at a stand still now. We’re not sure when the rest of the prep will happen, if it’ll be our people or theirs.  As long as it gets done soon, we’ll be happy.

In the mean time, our extremely talented friends, Molly Must and Ian Wilkinson have been working hard on the Triangle Park mural in downtown Asheville.  The mural was designed by Molly with the input of the community and hours of historical research.  She has been working on this project for a long time and has had a little help painting from the community.  I can’t wait to see it completed!


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