In the Works

It’s been a while since I posted.  I would hate to give the impression that I haven’t been very busy so here is the proof!  I am working on these paintings simultaneously which is something that I normally never do.  Usually I plug along on one painting at a time.

You can see the reference photo for this just to the left of the painting.  The faces are really far from being finished, but I like how the background is looking.  I am probably going to re-paint the clothing on the left figure and haven’t started with the body of the right figure (the rust color is the wash underneath).  I love the reference and have wanted to paint it for a year or so.  I am finding that I need more small brushes- I don’t know that I have ever painted faces this tiny!

And this is the first color application (in other words, very early on in the process) based on a photo from a session that a lot of my other paintings are based on.  You might recognize the figures and the scenery if you’re familiar with my work.  This one is on wood panel which I have never used for oils before and am really loving.  I might be painting more panel pieces in the future- so smooth!

I squeezed in a visit to Indiana with family and friends, am going to Providence and Brooklyn next week, and Hilton Head the week after that.  Not sure how much painting I’ll be able to fit into June, but I am doing my best to cram as much in as possible.

Plus I got to do this yesterday with my god-daughter, Anna.  Fellow plant lover.  We were making smelling blends with herbs from her garden- entirely her idea.

There might be a painting of her with lavender swirling in the air coming soon…


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  1. Dad says:

    Wow, lots new – maybe you can bring them to Hilton Head and paint in the sea air!

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