The air smells so sweet here these days.  It must be the honeysuckle.

I have been wanting to incorporate flowers into my portraits for a while now.  It was obvious where to start: our neighborhood has some incredibly beautiful rose bushes.  The kind that ramble and bramble across fences and porches.

So this past rainy Sunday, the boyfriend and I with two umbrellas, a camera and a dog in tow, headed out to take some photos.

Then I hunkered down in my studio and painted the rainy day through.  Here is what became of it.

The figure was started in the painting class I took a few months back.  You can see what the under painting looked like in this post.

Not sure if it’s done yet, but I feel pretty good about it so far.


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  1. Jim Leich says:

    Love the photos of the rai dripped roses and how you brought them into your painting! You never know where inspiration will come from. Love the painting!

    1. harperleich says:

      thanks! i was amazed at how quickly it played out- from photo to painting the same day. felt great.

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