Cyber Shepherd

Well, here it is guys.  My new painting.  Of course, I always think the photos are terrible.  But you get the idea.





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  1. Stacey says:

    I like the colors. How do you feel about it now after trying out a new style?

    1. harperleich says:

      Well I tried to keep it loose throughout but I ended up tightening up again the more I worked on it. It’ll be a proces…

  2. Jim says:

    The blues literally take my breath away! I think it is much looser, very impressionistic. I love the little bit of a red barn on the left!

    1. harperleich says:

      Thanks, you’ll have to see it in person, the colors are much more vivid!

  3. moveableme says:

    It looked like such a hard photo to work from, but I love the end result – definitely conveys the idea better than a straight shot could. Love the style. Great mix of talents, you two.

  4. moveableme says:

    Hmm. Just commented but apparently it didn’t stick. I tried to say that you did an excellent job with what looked like a really difficult photo to work from – pulled off the idea with your painting much better than the real-life image. You two did goo work as a team, too!

    1. harperleich says:

      I have to approve them….
      I am actually considering removing the mountains all together to make her pop out a little more. Have to sit on that a while since it’s a big decision!

      1. moveableme says:

        Wait, what? I can’t imagine that. I like the movement, and it seems like it might be too stark without. That’s a tough decision and a hard one to undo, eh?

      2. harperleich says:

        Not hard to undo, the mountains didn’t take that long. I was worried about it being too stark, too… I just feel like right now the eye is not drawn to her face, which i think it should be. Where does your eye fall when you see it?

  5. Jim Leich says:

    My eyes are drawn to the face and the brilliant blue highlights on the woman.

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