Photographers and Mystics

I am one of twelve people asked to participate in Lynn Nesseth’s conceptual piece, “Photographers and Mystics”.

To quote her fundraising page:

The “Divination of 2012,” the fifth installment of artist-augur Lynn Nesseth’s ‘Divination Series,’ is a conceptual artwork collaborating the psychic and photographic craft of thirteen artists.  This piece was channeled through inspiration for Black Mountain College Museum’s event the 2012 {RE}HAPPENING.  Nesseth and the appointed twelve artists are using consecrated single-shot disposable “Fortune Cameras” as mediums for evidencing prophetic images of their lives.  The pictures now being taken will be laid into spreads; each individual photograph acting as a card with its own fortune.  Twelve pairs of two compose each roll of 24 exposures, signifying binary aspects of the twelve Astrological Signs.  Each photograph is contextualized into a realm of the artist’s life by its placement into its corresponding Astrological House, or life field, based on the artist’s time of birth.  Adherent to American “pop-ritual”, each fortune will be tagged with phrases relative to aspects of each House via “in bed” or “in my unions.””

As part of this project, she uses one camera to photograph each participant in their archetypal roles- two photographs per person.  She chose “Keeper of the Hearth” for me, which is a lovely poetic way to describe my home body nature.  She shot photos of me in front of my home alter (with Amelia the Dog) and at my easel, both in my home studio.

Below are some documentary photos from the shoot we did with Alyssa Keiffer whose archetype was genius/rebel.  Only two pictures were actually taken on Lynn’s camera from the shoot.  Alyssa embodied an android for the genius role and a leather-clad motorcycle mama for the rebel.  Her two rescued baby sheep make some cameo appearances.  You might recognize these ladies’ beautiful faces from some of my paintings here and here.

Please consider giving a small donation here to help complete the project.  You will be rewarded with shots from the piece!

You can see the actual camera in Lynn’s hand below:

I have taken about 18 of my 24 photos, in pairs of two.  It’s been fun to think about what to include when documenting my life and what is meaningful to me.  Unfortunately I can’t get all the important people in my life in one place (they’re all over this sweet world) so I’ve done what I can with what’s handy.  It’s been a wonderful project and I hope all those in the Asheville area can see the [Re] Happening when it opens.

Thanks, Lyn and Alyssa!


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